What about all the Buddhist local that the illegal Muslims killed to spark this situation it’s typical Islamic attitude invade and takeover on this occasion the locals fought back and the Muslims didn’t like that because they’re used to the Thank God for girls with big butts sweater in countries to back them. I have to say this. I listened intently to her hour-long speech to the UN. Tho I abhor what has happened there is a very important lesson here. It talks of a clash of cultures. A clash of religions. She talks about a percent of Rohingya that has Peacefully assimilated and remain in their homes to this day. We need to learn how to assimilate when we immigrate or mark my words the world. Will see Many more of these heinous military genocidal maneuvers!. Susie Pierson, Or you’ll get slaughtered in what you describe as “military genocidal maneuvers”? Or is that not what you said?. Your second attempt at making your point becomes much more palatable when you conveniently ignore the second half of your original comment.

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Once again, nice! I look forward to seeing you at our next local gathering of crusty old far-right windbags. You bring the UKIP posters, I’ll bring the Metamucil. Daryl August oh stop! People. Can have different opinions! If people in the world can’t learn to live In Peace and gratitude these are the atrocities that happen!! Plain and simple!. Susie Pierson That’s not what you said. You said if people don’t “assimilate”, it will result in “heinous military genocidal maneuvers”. Ipso facto, your argument amounts to “assimilate or die”. You talk about learning to live in peace and gratitude. Yet you demand people assimilate. How about you start by taking your own advice, and live and let live regardless of religious differences. Now that would be the “peace and gratitude”, you refer to! It’s sad, really.

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