Didn’t she threaten to quit if McCain didn’t shut up? O right she threatens to leave the Jug band road shirt emmet otter’s shirt too if Trump got in who even listen to that air coming out of that pie hole?  For 8 years CNN and the girls on the view did nothing but stroke Obama’s ego I’m being kind. Can they show any clips of them pushing back” on any of Obama’s actions? It was nothing but a love fest. This is a typical liberal tactic complain about others actions to try and hide their similar or more egregious actions. They have no shame. Kid Rock was right. Why are the producers putting up with this terrible person? Some people without brains do an awful lot of talking. That explains why Joy never shuts the hell up. Her and Sonny. Oh, the many reasons why I have never seen an episode of the view. Can this show focus on anything else?? This time of year there are hundreds of thousands of positive uplifting stories …acts out there….maybe they can all get together and take a bus ride …what did they use to call it…a hiatus …and get in touch with the reason for the season!!! It might be good for their souls!!! Fingers crossed that they aren’t miserable bitter women their entire lives.

Jug band road shirt emmet otter’s shirt

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