She read the ingredients. The allergen wasn’t listed there. She knew what she was eating based on the listed ingredients. Your comment is not relevant to what happened here. The company is negligent and caused a death. This isn’t the girl’s fault. Joy Anne Pasini, your comment tells me you didn’t even read the first paragraph ‘A girl with a severe sesame allergy died after eating an airport Pret a Manger baguette, which did not list the ingredients’.

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Danielle Bialek Perry indeed! My daughter had to come home from scout camp (canoe trip to an island!) after someone gave her a crisp that turned out to be cooked in peanut oil! My daughter and I fancied fish & chips last week. Luckily she came with me to buy it (cos I would never have seen)as on the wall it states their food is cooked in groundnut oil. My daughter has a nut allergy. If she had not come along with me I would have never noticed the sign and brought it. It would not even cross my mind to find out which oil it is cooked in. Nowadays when buying food outside I will always state my daughter has a nut allergy.

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