Anne, why won’t you allow your husband Noel to have his own Facebook account, instead of forcing him to share so you can keep an eye on him? I’m not saying you’re a controlling woman, nor am I saying you don’t trust Noel but occasionally I’d like to hear Noel’s own opinion if that’s okay with YOU. Michael Davis My husband’s name is NOT Noel if you want to criticize ME feel free…but you might get your facts straight before you do!  and I’m probably the Oklahoma Sooners Go ahead and Penalize me shirt controlling person imaginable….certainly do not control my husband…rofl! …btw, he does not do computer….my friends are probably having a real hoot over your inaccurate statement…have a great day. Jeff Runyan, I never have bought a cup of coffee…As for Ivanka, my question would be why be negotiating with China when you are a special assistant to the President? It’s her Company, but it is run by a Trust and she handed over a day to day operations to her Top Executive. That’s how. You know to avoid ethics violations. That happened two years ago. Try to keep up.

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