The mystery of more than $1,000 that disappeared from a Utah family was solved when they discovered the money in pieces in the home’s shredder, and found the culprit was their 2-year-old son.  Ironically in Washington our National toddler ripped up so much money that our budget deficit doubled in one year to the highest level in history. Yea Trillion Dollar Deficits! It’s been 2 years. Everything Obama did he been erased, and he’s in NO way responsible for the current state of the economy or the job market. Might want to inform yourself before just stringing words together to sound smart.

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Doesn’t sound real. How does a toddler have access to that much cash AND a shredder? It doesn’t sound like the kind of family that wouldn’t leave the money hidden. Plus, a shredder. The kid could put his fingers in it. The parents learned a valuable lesson, their child is observant and learns quickly; and that a baby shouldn’t have accessibility to a shredder. Sen. Susan Collins said that although she thought newly confirmed Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh “stepped over the line” during his confirmation process, she ultimately put herself “in his shoes” when considering his temperament and fitness for the court.

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That doesn’t sound true. The toddler found the money. Then puts the money in the shredder. I don’t believe it. Sorry, but I’m skeptical about most stories on fb. Take it back to the bank and have it replaced and they will dispose of the pieces appropriately, prolly send it back to the treasury log the bills and the damage mark them out of circulation and incinerate them.

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