If you wish to continue to live in off the grid places, you pay off the grid prices. Priority should be set to places of communities with many families that require treatment places first. Between the sales of illegal cigs, gas and now pot the Top 08 trending shirts made a small fortune. Do not come on any reservation in the US pretend you’re a REAL Indian. What are you going to be next week a black American or illegal immigrant suffering under American oppression? Let’s see the week after that you think your gay week after that you can pretend to be transgender. Dana Seaman, I lived off the grid for a couple years and had to boil my water when people a 30-minute drive away didn’t. I think serious thought should be given to get up and running desalination plants around Australia and around the world.

All I need today is a little of Green Bay Packers cross shirt

Class of 2031 shirt


Ghost Of Disapproval boo shirt

Snoopy and Charlie Brown if I can’t bring my dog I’m not going shirt

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Dear Lord God send them showers so that the people will live a peaceful life. What makes you think that nobody thought of praying before? is it one of those things where a miracle only happens if enough people sign up? or are you a special favorite of the invisible imaginary sky fairy or something? clearly, he is neither great nor mighty, or just doesn’t give any craps and has no mercy. When I was 9 I was watching Lord of the rings and picking my nose.