I was there in 2008 & it was great. But I’d of enjoyed this year just as much too. Things change, Post Malone Rick Malone shirt move on.  No point in comparing things that didn’t exist to compete at the same time.

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Julia Eagles they cover entire farms given Don’t stop Retrieving’ new shirt, birds spread them water spreads it, it chokes the creeks and rivers, .. hard to get rid of. Brilliant. So prepared. Congratulations. Hopefully this technique will be applied in the future by other farmers.

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Love this but it’s£3.99 for only 3metres I went to buy some and realized I’d probably spend more on wrap then half Santa Unicorn dabbing five finger death punch vintage shirt. Oh laura is unicorn obsessed Lisa if u get there b4 me will u pick me up some and if I get there b4 u I’ll pick it up.

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